Thursday, November 3, 2016

Starting is Daunting!

Thanks to all of you who have wished me well on my new journey toward a healthier future! After my blood test results yesterday, I immediately made an appointment with my primary care physician on the 16th. After the initial numbers shock,  I went on to have a nice big salad for lunch, worked the rest of the day and then stopped at Hannaford for the groceries I'll need to get off to a good start.

I bought things that are easy to prepare and easy to take to work. Because of my work schedule as well as my crazy life, my M.O. for the past year has been eating on the run with no real plan. I know from experience that a lack of planning results in my being too hungry in the moment to make good choices. So yeah, a Whopper Jr. (no onions) with a small onion ring (what?) and a small diet coke have been lunch a few too many times! Or, I go over to get lunch at work with the intention of having a salad, but I just have to check out the special of the day. Oh boy, a BLT wrap piled high with bacon -- but there is lettuce and tomato -- and a drink for $5.99? That is SUCH a bargain, and you know, I have money on my ID card and it is SO easy. And just one Lindor truffle (instead of three) is fine because it is dark chocolate and dark chocolate has antioxidants and is really actually good for me. Yes, this is how my brain works when I go over there!  OR, I choose a nice, healthy grilled chicken sandwich and "Do you want fries?" happens and I say, OK, just a few - not all of them, OK give them to me, I won't eat them all anyway, and along with three little tubs of ketchup, eat them all anyway. Yikes!

Another excuse complication is that I am living in a temporary situation with future construction pending until I have a functioning kitchen/stove/sink again. While I could use my daughter Katie's kitchen any time, once I get home and get settled in, I don't want to go upstairs to start cooking. So I bought the cutest fridge that in a photo looks like a regular stainless steel refrigerator, but it's only 3 feet tall! It has a freezer section with its own door (I am an ice fanatic) and enough refrigerator space for what I need. Last night I had a lot of rearranging to do to fit all that I bought, but I jammed it all in!

I bought:

organic sour dough bread (I heard it is one of the best breads you can eat)
spring greens
shredded cabbage for cole slaw
cherry tomatoes
fresh pineapple
grilled chicken breasts from the deli
sliced turkey breast
pure Irish butter (for just a little at a time, now and then)
gallon of spring water
cottage cheese
2 % milk
a quart of OJ - to mix with seltzer
A quart of Green Mountain Creamery vanilla yogurt - low in sugar and delish!
Four Lean Cuisine dinners

I had the Lean Cuisine Red Beans and Rice (only 250 calories) and literally scraped the very last grain of rice out of that container, it was SO good. I hope the other options are just as good. I had planned to make a salad to go along but I sat on the couch and couldn't make myself move! Low energy has been a problem and I hope to shake that!

This morning for breakfast I had cottage cheese and pineapple, and I had one of my grandson's 100% juice boxes rather than actually pour myself a glass of water or orange juice. Yes, I am pathetic!

AND I had planned to go out for a 1/2 hour walk this morning but it was pouring. So I didn't. That's how the day started, and I am on a little break at work writing this. I brought my lunch with me but now it's almost 8 pm and I can't wait to go home and have dinner - one of those grilled chicken breasts on a big salad. See, that's almost planning. It will be 9:30 by the time I get home because I have to stop at the grocery store again for the things I should have bought last night but forgot.  I have to be at work at 9 am for another long day.

So, that's day 2 of my wake up call, and I hope I didn't bore you to death!

I hope to get a walk in in the morning. Wish me luck!!!!

This is where I'll start my walk in the morning - our beautiful driveway.

Not a bad launching point...


  1. I didn't go walking today, either, Jeannie, but I must get back on track, and have alternative exercise plans for when Ma Nature doesn't cooperate! One Day at a Time...we must persevere! Have a great night and day, and hopefully our journey will begin to become easier in time! ❤

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Weez. I look forward to having you along with me for this journey!

  2. You are surrounded by not just family & friends, but cheerleaders as well. Here's to setting goals and living healthier.

  3. I'm here to cheer you (and me) on! I have been trying to make more changes in my lifestyle as well. My downfall is Lay's Lightly Salted chips! I crave them after work with a glass of milk. I drink alot of milk, which is 1% by the way. (I love my bones and want to keep them) I can't enjoy skim - it's awful. I really need more exercise although I walk downtown most lunch hours. I need to drop 20-25 lbs and drop a few of my numbers as well. We can do this!!!